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Online Unit Conversions

Area Unit Converter Area Unit Converter
Square yards into Square meters,  acres, hectares , square feet , square miles and more area conversions
Acres Ares Circular Inches Hectares Hides Roods Square Centimeters Square Feet (UK & US) Square Feet (US survey) Square Inches Square Kilometers Square Meters Square Miles Square Millimeters Squares (of timber) Square rods (or poles) Square yards Townships
Bits and Bytes Converter Bits and Bytes Converter
Having trouble with Data Unit Conversions . Use this program to covert between common units such as bits, bytes, kilobit, kilobyte , gigabit , gigabyte and more
Bits [b] Bytes [B] Kilobits [Kb] Kilobytes [KB] Megabits [Mb] Megabytes [MB] Gigabits [Gb] Gigabytes [GB] Terabits [Tb] Terabytes [TB] Petabits [Pb] Petabytes [PB] Exabits [Eb] Exabytes [EB]
Density Unit Converter Density Unit Converter
Units of Density conversion calculator. Automatically convert kilograms/cubic meters , ounces/cubic inch pounds /cubic foot and more density units
Grains/gallon (UK) Grains/gallon (US) Grams/cubic centimeters Grams/liter Grams/milliliters Kilograms/cubic meters Kilograms/liter Megagrams/cubic meter Milligrams/milliliter Milligrams/liter Ounces/cubic inch Ounces /gallon (UK) Ounces/gallon (US) Pounds/cubic inch Pounds/cubic foot Pounds/gallon (UK) Pounds /Gallon (US) Slugs/cubit foot Tonnes/cubic meter Tons (UK)/cubic yard Tons (US) cubic yard
Energy Unit Conveter Energy Unit Converter
Conversions of BTU Calories Pounds Force Newton Meters Watt Hours  Kilowatt hours  and more
Btu (IT) Btu (th) Btu (mean) Calories (IT) Calories (th) Calories (mean) Calories (15C) Calories (20C) Calories (food) Centigrade Heat Units Electron volts [eV] Ergs Foot pounds-force Foot poundals Gigajoules [Gj] Horsepower hours Joules Kilocalories (IT) Kilocalories (th) Kilogram-force-meters Kilojoules [KJ] Killowatt hours [kWh] Megajoules [MJ] Newton Meters [nM] Therms Watt seconds [Ws] Watt hours [Wh]
Force Unit Converter Force Unit Converter
This conversion will convert force such as Newtons Meganewtons kilograms  and tons force and more units
Dynes Kilograms force Kilonetwons [kN] Kips Meganewtons [MN] Newtons [N] Pounds Force Poundals Sthenes (=kN) Tonnes force Tonnes force (UK) Tons Force (US)
Length Unit Converter Length Unit Converter
Use this free online length unit conversion program to convert length or distance units . From simple meters to feet or meters to inches or any other metric , imperial or SI units
Angstroms [A] Astronimical units [AU] Barleycorns Cables Centimeters[cm] Chains (surveyors’s) Decimeters Ells (UK) Elms (pica) Fathoms Feet (UK and US) Feet (US survey) Furlongs Hands Hectometers Inches Kilometers[km] Light years Meters[m] Micrometers Mil Miles [UK and US] Miles (nautical) Millimeters [mm] Nanometers [mm] Parsecs Picometers Yards
Weight Unit Converter Weight Unit Converter
Doing some cooking and not sure that you are using the right measures because the cooking book has different units than what you are used to? Not sure how heavy you are? Or are you involved in engineering something and need to convert from imperial to metric or SI units?
Carats (metric) Earth Masses Grains Grams Hundredweights (long) Hundredweights (short) Kilograms [kg] Ounces (avoirdupois) Ounces (troy) Pounds (avoirdupois) Pounds (troy) Solar Masses Slugs (g-pounds) Stones Tones (UK or long) Tons (US or short) Tonnes
Power Unit Converter Power Unit Converter
Having trouble with conversions of watts , kilowatts , horsepower , joules per hour, calories per minute or even BTU  per hour .This power unit converter has most of the power units that you are need to convert included.
Btu/hour Btu/minute Btu/second Calories(th)/hour Calories(th) minute Calories (th)/second Foot Pounds-force/minute Foot pounds-force/second Gigawatts [GW] Horsepower (electric) Horepower (metric) Watts [W] Joules/hour Joules/minute Joules/second Kilocalories (th)/hour Kilocalories (th)/minute Kilogram-force meters/hour Kilogram-force meters/minute Kilowatts [kW] Megawatts [MW]
Pressure Unit Converter Pressure Unit Converter
Struggling between Bar and PSI and other pressure unit conversions. This covers pounds per square inch , inches of water, pascals , pounds per square foot and many of the common pressure unit conversions you may face
Atmospheres Bars Centimeters mercury Centimeters water Feet of Water Hectopascals [hPa] Inches of water Inches of mercury Kilogram-forces/sq.centimeter Kilogram-forces/sq.meter Kilopascals [kPa] Kips/sq.inch Meganewtons/sq.meter Meters of water Millibars Millimeters of mercury Millimeters of water Newtons/sq.centimeter Newtons/sq.meter Newtons/sq.millimeter Pascals Pounds-force/square foot Pounds-force/square inch Poundals/sq.foot Tons (UK)-force/sq.foot Tons (UK)-force/sq. inch Tons (US)-force/sq.foot Tons (US) force/sq.inch Tonnes-force/ Tonnes-force/sq.meter Torr (mm Hg OC)
Speed Unit Converter Speed Unit Converter
Want to know how fast something is going in meters per second but you only have the speed in feet per second. This covers many units including Mach number miles per hour , kilometers per hour and more.
Centimeters/minute Centimeters./second Feet/hour Feet/minute Feet/second Inches/minute Inches/second Kilometers/hour Kilometers/second Knots Mach number (ISA/SL) Meters/hour Meters/minute Meters/second [m/s] Miles /hour Miles/minute Miles/second Speed of Light Yards/hour Yards/minute Yards/second
Temperature Unit Converter Temperature Unit Converter
Want to convert between degrees centrigrade (now known as celcsius) and Fahrenheit or to other temperature units such as Kelvin and Rankine? This converter covers the most commonly used temperature units for conversion 
Celcius Kelvin Fahrenheit Rankine Reamure
Volume Unit Converter Volume Unit Converter
If you want to convert between litres , gallons , pints , fluid ounces , quarts and other volume unit conversions then this program will cover the most common volume conversions
Barrels (oil) Bushels (UK) Bushels (US) Centiliters Cubic Centimeters Cubic Decimeters Cubic Decameters Cubic Feet Cubic Inches Cubic Meters Cubic Millimetres Cubic Yards Deciliters Fluid Ounces (UK) Fluid Ounces (US) Gallons (UK) Gallons,dry (US) Gallons, liquid (US) Liters Liters (1901-1964) Milliliters Pints (UK) Pints dry (US) Pints liquid (US) Quarts (UK) Quarts dry (US) Quarts liquid(US)

Online Calculations List

Parts Per Million to Percent Converter Parts Per Million to Percent Converter

Use this conversion calculator to convert a PPM value (Parts Per Million) to a percentage value. You can also convert a percentage value to a PPM value. This conversion calculator has been built in php. There is no requirement to load any plug in.

Pipe or Tube Flow Conversion Calculator Pipe or Tube Flow Conversion Calculator

This online conversion calculator will determine the flow rate in a fluid across an orifice plate . The orifice plate acts as a restriction to the flow and creates a differential pressure. From the pressure drop /differential pressure and with details of the pipe dimensions and orifice plate sizing the flow rate of the liquid or gas can easily be determined

 Flow Conversion Calculator for a Venturi Flow Conversion Calculator for a Venturi

The Venturi  is also a device using Differential Pressure methods to calculate the flow rate. These are based on Bernoulli equations. The pressure drop across a venturi is lower than that of an orifice plate. The conversion calculator will enable you to make a flow calculation based on certain inputs requested.

Pitot Probe –  Pitot Static Tube Calculator Pitot Probe – Pitot Static Tube Calculator

The Pitot Static Tube sometimes referred to as a Pitot Tube is a differential pressure device used as a flow meter for gases and liquids.  It uses a differential pressure principle for the measurement using the known or measured static pressure and total pressure differences know as the dynamic pressure. Pressure can be measured using a manometer or pressure transmitter. This flow metering device is also known as the Prandtl Tube.

Kinematic Viscosity Calculation Kinematic Viscosity Calculation

In order to calculate Kinematic viscosity in flow, the density must be known . Use this program to easily calculate the kinematic viscosity of a fluid with a known density . The program covers all the common absolute viscosity units and density units as well as common kinematic viscosity units . You also use the conversion calculator to simply convert between viscosity units

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