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A flow meter rental is the easiest way to get the flowmeters you need without having to buy them. We rent our flow meters out to all locations in the USA using meters manufactured by EESIFLO. We choose to use EESIFLO clamp on flow meters because of the encouraging feedback we have received from facility operators in Houston Texas to wastewater treatment plants in Los Angeles California. Technicians often prefer using our portable flow meters because they work. Yes! It is so frustrating to buy or rent a flow meter, only to find out that it managed to report flow rates in a simple application but failed to do the job on something a bit more difficult.


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How have rental meters improved? It was not always this way with clamp on flow meters. Some may remember the struggles they faced in setting up legacy meters and hoping for results which sometimes did not transpire . Modern electronics and faster processing speeds combined with diligent signal processing means that EESIFLO flow meters save operators time and money. 

Why more people are renting our flowmeters?

You do not need to cut the pipe to install our rental flowmeter. Simply clamp on the flowmeter to the exposed pipe wall.

Repairs can be carried out on existing magnetic flowmeters, turbine flowmeters, gear flowmeters, and insertion type flow meters while you are still getting the flow measurements you need with the rented meter.

No welding, bolting or pressure tests are needed when using our clamp on rental meters.

Rent and get flow measurements in those difficult places like overhead liquid pipes without causing a mess.

When you install our rental meter, you do not need to close valves or stop water or chemical flow.

Rent a meter to check where the problem is occuring without having to guess.

Clamp on Flowmeter Rental in the USA

For immediate flow meter rental assistance call EESIFLO Technologies  +1 (318) 614-3971

Common Flowmeter Rental Applications might include the following:

FLOW SURVEYS – Checking the flow rate at various locations. Use the rental flow meter to log valuable data which can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for evaluation. 
LEAK DETECTION – Finding leakage in larger water piping systems. The ultrasonic flow meter rental can be an integral part of the necessary tools used in detecting leaks in water pipes and systems.
FLOW METER CHECK – Checking an existing flowmeter by measuring in series with the permanently affixed flow meter rental tool.
FLOW BALANCING – This normally requires multiple point flow measurements and more than one rental meter. It requires meters that are easy to set up and use because time is of an essence.
PUMP PERFORMANCE – Checking the flow output on a new pump to specifications or checking old pumps for damage, e.g., cavitation, impeller. It is very often that clients dispute the flow rate, even if there is an existing flow meter in place. Since changing an impeller or servicing a pump can be costly, it is a good idea to doubly verify by renting a clamp on flow meter from EESIFLO.
FIRE PUMP TESTING – A very common rental option to test the fire pump system flow on a regular basis. The flow meters can be rented for short periods once a year and the rates and total costs for flow measurement are fixed.
FLOW VOLUME DISPUTES – Where there are no flow meters and process engineers would like to check their volumetric flow calculations are correct. This often involves some time for an operator to become confident in the flow reading results. We can discount the price for a long term meter rent.
SMALL PIPE FLOW – Usually involves renting a high-frequency flow transducer for small piping. It might be too costly to buy a special ultrasonic flow meter that can measure the smaller pipes, so renting is a preferred option.

Difference between the rental flowmeter types

We carry more than one flowmeter technology. This means that our customers can choose to either rent a transit time meter for clean liquids with some amount of aeration or doppler flow meters designed to measure the flow rate in conditions that are impossible for many other ultrasonic flowmeters. Sometimes, we might come across something horrifying to measure where nothing else works. 

Is renting a meter only good for measuring flow rates?

No! Once the user understands how the EESIFLO meters work they will be able to find other uses. One of them is checking whether or not a pipe is even full. Some of our customers have found our flow devices to be invaluable because a pipe full of liquid will give a strong signal, an aerated pipe, a weaker signal and an empty pipe – no signal. With conventional type flowmeters there is little or no possibility to troubleshoot anything else but flow. Experienced users who have rented our flowmeters for longer periods have often used the Clamp-on flowmeters to find piping errors, valves that were accidentally opened, partially filled pipes that were supposed to be full and even some cases where advanced users have noticed a build up of scale inside the pipe due to the combined sonic velocity of the pipe and liquid showing numbers that prompted them to conduct further investigations.  

Location to rent the flowmeters from in USA?


Rayville Louisiana - Flow Meter Rental Location 1

3928 Highway 80 Rayville, Louisiana, 71269  

Midland Texas Flow Meter Rental Location 2

4600 FM-307 Midland, TX 79706 United States

Why rent a flow meter instead of buying?

Probably because renting a flowmeter  is the most cost effective and convenient method to quickly check the flow rate in a pipe without having to go through the process of selecting and purchasing a fixed flowmeter solution.

These flow meters can be strapped onto almost pipe or tube without having to cut through it or stop a process.

NO downtime. NO stopping of a process. 

As soon as you have received your rental unit, simply strap the sensors onto the outside of the pipe and have flow readings in minutes. 

Rent Doppler Flow Meters

Rent Transit Time Flow Meter

Clamp-on Flowmeter Rental either Doppler Technology or Transit Time. We can ship a rental unit to any location

We are located Rayville Louisiana and Midland Texas and can ship meters overnight to Houston TX, Louisiana, Arkansas and anywhere the United States .

For immediate assistance call: +1 (318) 614-3971

If you would prefer to contact us by email instead of calling;

Go to this website:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the normal type of application for our clamp on ultrasonic rental meters?

We are able to provide instruments that cover a large range of pipes from ½ inch to 80 inches. Typical applications are for pipes in Utilities, HVAC, Data Centers, Water Distribution and Wastewater.

We have both rugged flow meters able to measure up to temperatures up to 240 F and lower cost solutions where budgets are a constraint.

What is the advantage of using Portalok and Sonalok 7 TX flow meters?

In our facility, we have a flow loop where we can test and check meter performance before and after shipment and are fully backed by EESIFLO who is our joint venture partner. We ensure that any meter that is sent out to a client is always going to be fully operational, even if it has been used before. We deal in both new and used flow meters. This gives our customers the opportunity to either purchase or rent meters at their convenience.

What types of clip-on /clamp on flow meters do we have available? What applications can we cover?

We have the option to supply several different technologies. We hope to always supply a device that fits the purpose. We are familiar with phase shift, transit time correlation and doppler techniques. Not all applications are the same. Some are indoor and some outdoors. We will be happy to discuss your exact needs so that the correct instrument is supplied – whether it is  technical issue to overcome or a budget constraint.

Can we rent and test the meters before we decide to purchase?

Of course!  If you are considering using clamp on or clip on technology for multiple measurement points, you can rent our devices and check the performance, accuracy and repeatability for yourself before deciding to purchase the units.

How do you calculate the rental costs?

We normally rent out our flowmeters on a weekly or monthly basis.

The following locations are areas we are serving: We can ship and rent a meter to any of these locations in no time at all! 

Flow Meter Renter's Testimonials

” We are consultants to a company that runs a facility that balances water flowing through a pipeline network. Many of the pipes were old and corroded on the outer surface. The Portalok 7S flow meters that we used on the rentals proved to be a great benefit to the team by the fact that we did not have to scrape the rust off the old pipes. We also found that it was easier to set up the clamp on meters compared to previous units we rented the year before. Those previously rented units took too long to find a signal and get a proper flow measurement while the Portalok meters worked like a dream.” 

Water and Wastewater Consultant Company – California

” I have been using these types of meters for several years. Some time back, my colleagues were unsure about servicing a pretty big pump. When we installed the flow meters, some thought that the readings were a bit low. Lo and behold, we eventually discovered that the flow readings were actually correct! The meter readings helped us to decide to shut down the process and check the pump impeller (the pump was centrifugal). It seems that cavitation wore down the impeller over time and this flow meter tool was just the right thing to prompt the maintenance team to get to work. When we installed the new impeller and rented the flow meters again, we were happy to see flow rates tally with the pump specifications.” 

Pump Service Company – Houston TX

” We normally use coriolis mass flowmeters, oval gear and magnetic flowmeters for most of our liquid flow meter needs at our facility. I always thought that the clamp on flowmeters were clumsy and difficult to get a signal because of previous experiences. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how reliable these meters have now become and how quickly we can get them up and running. The battery-operated portalok worked a treat and we will rent it whenever we need to get a spot measurement.  ” 

Facilities Manager – Austin TX

This is a Typical example where a user has rented the Portalok. The electronics are on the ground and the cable is attached to the transducers on a pipe that was accessed using a ladder. This was high purity water HPW. The meter will work on clean or dirty water. An excellent water meter flow checking device that can be moved around a facility to spot check flow rates and troubleshoot a water processing system.

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