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Our facilities are located in Rayville Louisiana where we provide liquid and gas flow solutions for our customers in the US.

We make it easier because you can purchase or rent a flow meter.


Affordable solutions for larger pipes. Measure gas with ease!

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4600 FM-307 Midland, TX 79706 United States


Made in USA


We can configure a flow meter to fit into an existing pipeline.

What else?

Full Bore Flow Through Types

Natural Gas Flow Switch


  • Compressed air flow monitoring
  • Boilers – natural gas power
  • Monitoring Hydrogen flow
  • Gas Mixers – additive injection
  • Testing for leaks in valves
  • Kiln applications
  • Purge Gas and Air
  • Biogas Monitoring
  • Test Separator Gas Outlet leg
  • Oxygen Flows
  • Air Dryers – flow rate
  • Flare gas stack velocity monitoring
  • Flow rate of nitrogen blanketing for tanks
  • Propane pipeline flow
  • Argon Applications
  • N2 nitrogen flow rates
  • Aluminum smelter chlorine flow
  • Compressed air
  • Power Plants Gas and Air flows
  • Combustion process air flow
  • Genset gas flow rate
  • Coal mining heated air flow
  • Contaminant unit vent air flow
  • Digester gas projects requiring gas flow
  • Carbon-Dioxide in beer manufacturing
  • Air vent systems
  • Compressor air flow
  • Natural gas consumption
  • Powder plant air flow
  • Paint booth/paint oven ventilation
  • Engine test stands air flow measurement
  • Fuel cell hydrogen flow
  • Natural Gas Transmission
  • Natural gas to compressor stations
  • Natural gas to gas-fired compressors
  • Landfill gas GHG emissions reporting and Dump Gas

Common Gases

  •  Air
  • Ammonia
  • Biogas
  • Butane
  • Hexane
  • Chlorine
  • Compressed air
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Digester gas
  • Dump gas
  • Ethane
  • Helium
  • Hydrogen
  • Methane
  • Natural gas
  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Propane

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