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Portable Flow meter

What is a portable flow meter?

Portable flow meters vs Permanently installed flow meters (Fixed Meters)

A portable flow meter is a mobile measurement device. It can be carried or transported from one location to another in order to conduct flow measurements on pipe as opposed to permanently installed flow meters (fixed flow meters)  where it is not possible or easy to relocate the meters. A fixed flow meter is normally designed to fit into a pipe type and size and is restricted by it’s mechanical dimensions vs a portable flow meter that will be able to work on several different pipe sizes.

e.g. a 4 inch Water Meter is designed for a pipe with an internal diameter of 4 inches. It was not designed to work in smaller or larger sized pipes since it has been calibrated to work in one particular piping scenario.

Fixed Flow Meter

Portable Flow Meter

A portable flow meter is designed to work on several different pipe sizes. One of the most popular ways to achieve this is to clamp a sensor or pair of sensors to the external surface of the pipe. Portable flow meters can be mains power operated (and still remain portable) or battery operated so that flow measurements can be made in several locations without the need of a power source.

How do the portable flow meters obtain flow measurements? This quick 60-second video gives a brief rundown on the technology.

Wouldn’t it be good if you could just walk up to any pipe, strap on some sensors and know what the flow rate of the liquid inside the pipe is?

Not only that though! Wouldn’t you like to know with some level of confidence that the flow meter reading you are seeing is close to the actual flow?

Nowadays, all this is possible with EESIFLO’s time differential cross-correlation clamp on ultrasonic flow meters.

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Yes, it is portable! But the measurement is not restricted to just one pipe size or a limited range of pipe materials. There is virtually no need to worry anymore about the pipe size, the fluid type or the pipe wall. Its not only the flow that you can measure. Maybe a technician needs to know if the flow condition is exceeds a certain Reynold’s number. Yes, the flow meter will measure and report that too! 


A very useful too indeed. After a technician has familiarized him or herself with how to use the portable flow meter, it becomes like second nature to clamp it on and make it an addition to the other portable instruments. A flow survey job is so much easier when you have a decent battery operated portable meter.


That is not an issue for us. You can rent a flowmeter that has been designed specifically for short term hire. Even long term rental plans can be accommodated and most definitely “rent to own” if the rental period drags on for too long.

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