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BS&W Probes for LACT Units

The EESIFLO EASZ-1 has been designed to detect the percentage of base sediment and water (BS&W) in crude oil using the capacitance method with built in temperature compensation. Find BS&W Monitor Specifications on EESIFLO’s website.

BS&W meters have been used by operators for decades and are an important tool for optimizing the extraction and transportation of crude oils and emulsions.

What is the most common point to measure BS&W?

Why measure the BS&W of crude oil?

Accurately measuring the amount of water and contaminants in the oil stream ensures that the buyer and seller are not supplying under spec crude. Too much water means that the heating value of the product is compromised. In the same way, operators will very often install a grab sampler to take oil samples to the lab to be tested using a centrifuge or some other static measuring device.

Check out the EASZ-2 manufactured by EESIFLO

What is BS&W?

In practical terms, the BS&W are normally seen as undesirable elements and are referred to as base sediment and water. Operators need to know the percentage of BS&W at the oilfield well so that they can optimize the extraction process and recycle the excess water for re-injection.

EESIFLO has developed several different water in oil/oil in water solutions but the EASZ-1 is a device that will suffice in many applications that require a percentage measurement.  The design of the BS&W capacitance probe is well known and has already been accepted and adopted in the industry as a practical way to determine BS&W.  Very often, they are incorporated into LACT systems.

What is a LACT system and why the BS&W?

LACT actually stands for Lease Automatic Custody Transfer. A LACT unit is basically a system on a skid that has a primary function to both sample and measure crude oil. A diverter valve is part of the system and can be triggered to redirect the crude oil back to the seller to remove the water (if the crude oil is found to be out of spec).



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Stainless Steel but affordable!

Why build the BS&W monitor in stainless steel?

Basically, the instrument will work better when the issue of corrosion is not a factor to have to contend with. Both the probe sections and the instrument enclosure are fully stainless steel. Installation is also simplified by a two wire solution where the power and signal are carried along the same wires.


An operator can remoted calibrate the BS&W meters by using HART protocol combined with our EASZ-HART software. 

 Doing a 4-20mA trim is done through a PC connected to the unit either locally or remotely.


The EASZ-1 provides an analog output directly proportional to the percent of water in the emulsified oil stream. Why mention emulsion? It is because the crude oil and water are often referred to as an emulsified stream. The EASZ-1 was designed to measure water/oil emulsions in a flowing stream.



3928 US-80, Rayville, LA 71269

4600 FM-307 Midland, TX 79706 

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