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Our company SG Flowmeters Pte Ltd is ideally located in Singapore. Logistically Singapore is a hub for equipment supplies and services not only to it’s bustling marine industry but also to almost every type of business that benefits from a duty-free port. We can supply a flow-meter to local factories in Singapore, also to any country in the South-East Asian region including Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Thailand. 


We live in busy world where contractors, engineers and technicians are being tasked with greater roles and more responsibilities. SG Flowmeters Pte Ltd is a company who has provided technical assistance and products to busy people. We have invested in our own premises and staff in Singapore to provide an acceptable level of services and knowledgeable responses to the growing flow meter requirements in the world. Many of our customers have visited our premises to learn more about the flow meter options available to them and also what kind of support is needed.


We are familiar in dealing with large multi-national companies since our experience over the decades has meant that we understand some of the more restrictive requirements and certification mandated but we also know how to be of service to smaller independent companies who are on tight budget and require a quick response. Just because a flowmeter brand is well known and has a high accuracy and repeatability statement, it does not mean that it is suitable to the job on hand.  We have good relations with several international flow meter manufacturers who realize that their flow meter products might not be able to cover the whole scope but with our access to all of them, we are often able to supply a flowmeter that meets user’s requirement whether the criteria is technological in nature or simply a matter of economics. For example, some flowmeter users might be only looking for flow indicators  while other users might be looking for a clamp on ultrasonic flowmeter in stock.

Types of Flowmeters we commonly supply:

Rheonik Coriolis Flow Meters are used every day in just about every industry globally, providing real time input into process and measurement systems… See more >>

Air and Gas Flow Meter – The red-y compact 2 series mass flow meters are characterized by powerful technology, intelligent functions and innovative design… See more >>

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