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Find a flow meter for your application. Our range of flowmeters are designed to handle liquids such as cooling water, lubricating oil, drinking water, waste water and chemical applications. 

Our gas flow meters can measure clean gas and natural gas. Choose from a wide range of flow meter technologies which include ultrasonic, thermal mass, positive displacement (pd), piston flow meters, coriolis, vortex, magnetic, differential pressure, gear flowmeters and turbine. 

If you are looking to buy a flowmeter to solve an application problem but are unsure of which type of flowmeter is best, then contact our team who will assist you in the flow meter selection process.

What is a flow meter? 

A flow meter is a device that can measure either the velocity, volumetric or mass flow of a liquid. Some water meters only measure the totalised flow and not the actual flow rate.

Flowmeters come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to measure liquids, gases, air, steam and solids. There are several types of flow meters in the market, simply because there is no single universal flow monitor or flow device that covers all applications. 

An air flow meter designed for the HVAC market may use similar principles of operation to a meter in the oil and gas industry but will vary in design because of explosion proof requirements and pressure ratings. 

The flow meters will also vary in price. It is important to select the correct flow meter not only to meet the budget but also the application, certification requirements and safety issues.

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