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BS&W Monitors for LACT units & Crude Oil Pipelines

Even till now, the LACT unit operators have a name of their own for the water in oil monitor. It is common to hear folk referring to it as either a BS&W PROBE or BS&W MONITOR.

The monitor  is commonly used to measure Basic Sediment and Water (BS&W) and a LACT unit will use a BS&W monitor along with an automatic sampler. In this case, a manual sampling valve can be added for crude oil spot samples.

Why Use a BS&W probe?

The main reason is that it is normally part of the specification although Coriolis meters have become more common.

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Traditional LACT Unit BS&W Monitoring

The system consists of an inline “BS&W monitor” that monitors the flowing stream and communicates to an electronic display device which will know if the LACT Unit is experiencing an excess BS&W content which actually means that there is excess water in the pipeline which needs to be routed to a place where it can have the water removed before selling.

A high level trigger point is normally set for the BS&W probe/ monitor at around a small percentage of BS&W in oil e.g. 3%. When the BS&W controller reaches this point it will send a signal to have a 4 way diverter redirect the crude oil back to the treatment facility . The normal flow operation will be reset back to normal once the BS&W probe detects that water content has gone back to an acceptable level.  

The EASZ-1 BS&W monitors are manufactured in all stainless 316S and generally installed in a vertical run of pipe for LACT applications. As the amount of BS&W changes for a particular gravity of crude oil, so does the dielectric constant. With the aid of the BS&W Monitor, a BS&W adjustment can be set that will provide an electric output when the percentage BS&W setting is exceeded.

Full-cut Monitors 0-100 Percent

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These monitors differ from the traditional type of bs&w monitor because of their ability to measure oil cut as well as water cut. This means that the process operator can easily evaluate how oil wells are producing. Our full-cut oil meters use a wide range oscillating principle to enable high measurements of water percentage, even salt contaminated water.

Other Applications for the EASZ-1

  • Emulsion Control
  • Petroleum by-products
  • Desalters
  • LACT units
  • Dewatering
  • Oil Quality Control
  • Oil Water separator Vessels
  • Wash Tank Effectiveness
  • Free Water Knock outs
  • Heater Treaters
  • Separation Vessels
  • Hydrocarbons


  • Oil Production
  • Oil Distribution
  • Refining
  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical Plants
  • Pharmaceutical
  • LACT Skid Manufacturing
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