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Venturi Flow meter

Daniel Venturi Tubes

Daniel Venturi Tube is a low-pressure-drop metering device identifiable by its tapered inlet, tapered outlet and straight, constricted middle section. It offers constant accuracy, low susceptibility to erosion, high-pressure recovery, and installation at any angle from horizontal to vertical.


The Venturi tube is characterized by its tapered inlet and diverging outlet. This design greatly reduces head loss to the system when compared to an orifice plate. In fact- the Venturi can handle 25% to 50% more flow than an orifice for comparable larger line size and lower head loss-

Classical Venturi tube VTC

Venturi tubes are available for line sizes from 50 mm to 1200 mm (2 to 48in) and can measure a wide range of relatively clean liquids and gases. The units are designed to ISO5167-1:2003 and have a substantial overall length, being typically 5D long (D = nominal pipe size).

Venturi SSL

This meter’s design provides longer lasting accuracy and lower permanent pressure loss than orifice type meters, reducing maintenance and operating costs. The Venturi flow meter can be built to meet the highest pressure and temperature specifications often limited in other flow meter technologies.

Venturi Tubes PRISMA

Up to 12 inches , the entire venturi is machined from a single solid bar-stock . Above 12 inches the venture is fabricated from sheet. Rectangular type venture used in ductwork are also fabricated from sheet. Many times the piping geometry does not allow full length of the Venturi Tube.

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