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Net Oil Calculator for crude oil

Net Oil Calculator

Net Oil Calculator

This video is an introduction to a small part of the activities of the EES Group. More videos on the net oil measurement system can be found on 


Heavy crudes can present problems in the area of water content determination in fiscal sampling or online water analysis due to the lack of mixing and consequently poor distribution of water and oil.

Go here for information on other types of online fuel measurement, density and viscosity 

EESIFLO International is committed to manufacturing high quality online instruments and accessories to ensure the possibility of consistent online results for water in oil which can be correlated with standardised sampling. Pipe size, API number, flow rate or certification requirements are not a problem. We are fully qualified in all aspects of mechanical and process engineering as related to the major international oil and gas standards. More>>



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What is Crude Oil?

Crude oil is a combination of hydrocarbons. These can be in several forms from thick/solid, to liquid and even gaseous forms.  Refineries take in crude oil and split these hydrocarbons out into several products which in turn are sold to others . Some of the refinery clients will do even more with these products and turn them into something else probably by some chemical process.
Traditionally (because of old films) people might imagine that crude oil is always blackish brown and thick but that is only one type of crude oil. Crude oil can sometimes be colorless and not necessarily has a strong smell.

Crude oil comes from different parts of the world. Various locations produce what is called “light” or “heavy” oil. The crude oil is classified as having either more light hydrocarbons or heavier hydrocarbons. When crude oil is mixed with water and possibly sand or gas it can form an emulsion (which looks like a light chocolate colour) Water must be removed from crude oil before it is processed. One or another form of separation will be used to remove water and other contaminants from the crude oil

Oil is marketed among other products in commodoties markets.

Widely traded oil futures, and related natural gas futures might include

  • Petroleum
  • Nymex Crude Future
  • Dated Brent Spot
  • WTI Cushing Spot
  • Nymex Heating Oil Future
  • Nymex RBOB Gasoline Future
  • Natural gas
  • Nymex Henry Hub Future
  • Henry Hub Spot
  • New  York City Gate Spot

More information on Crude oil Measurement

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