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Flow measurement is an important part of any process system whether you are in Manila, Cebu or some remote section of Mindanao.  We supply a wide range and types of flow meters that have been designed to measure the flow rate of a liquids such as water and wastewater, diesel, chemicals, air and all types of gas using thermal type flow meters. Even if you only need a simple water meter, we can supply that too.  A popular meter for simple but hassle-free flow measurement is the magnetic flowmeter but other options are available to suit user requirements, whether technical or commercial and even both. When it comes to measuring fuel and oil such as lube oil, the oval gear meter has gained its popularity by the sheer fact that most of the international manufacturing base has decided to adopt and implement positive displacement flow technology probably because they are trusted instruments and measure flow volume directly – independent of density and viscosity.  

Understanding Flow

Process Engineers who size pumps, work out pressure drops or mix liquids and gases need to have the correct data on fluid movements. One way to measure whether a fluid has moved is by level measurement  and in some way measuring level in tanks is just as important as measurement of flow rate. When it comes to selecting a flow meter, the user often has to way up the pros and cons during the selection process. If a user already has experience with a particular technology e.g. magnetic flow meter and it has been found by trial and error or long-term experience that the flow device is suitable and without too many problems, users will often choose a flowmeter that works for them. There is an old saying “If it works, don’t fix it!”. This is why the magnetic flowmeters are so popular.

Typical Magmeter Installation

Applications for Magnetic Flow Meters might include:

  • Water abstraction flow meters
  • Water purification and desalination flow measurement
  • Drinking water Meter in distribution networks. Revenue metering or billing
  • Leakage detection
  • Irrigation flow meter
  • Industrial water water
  • Cooling water flowmeters
  • Wastewater flows
  • Sewage and sludge
  • Sea water

Where to find a Magnetic Flowmeter in the Philippines.

A Wide Range of Flow Choices

Being supplied with the best flow meter for the application not only saves you time (because of problematic meters) but also helps contractors to finish a project without having to much backlash in regard to performance guarantees. Not all flow requirements are the same. In some cases, the users might only require local flow indicators while others may require a pump or process to start or stop by using a flow switch. When it comes to batch control and higher accuracy requirements in small pipes, the users have the option to buy a Coriolis meter. 

Novel Approaches to Metering Fluids

The reason why it is important to contact companies who have expertise in general flow situations is because a user is often challenged with measuring a fluid in a real process situation as opposed to a lab environment where factors affecting accuracy and repeatability can be controlled. This is why our combined experience in actual “live” industrial process conditions (where is not possible to redo the engineering or even stop the process to install a flowmeter) is of great benefit in the Philippines. We pride ourselves by the fact that using novel flow devices (by novel we mean non-traditional) we can offer solutions to customers who were previously unable to obtain flow data because of the prevailing conditions. Although ultrasonic flowmeters are not new, we have found that users respond well the ultrasonic flow meter we offer, simply because they are able to maintain their repeatability in most flow conditions i.e. low flow or high flow and even flows containing some bubbles and suspended solids. We are partnered with EESIFLO who have encouraged us to help provide solutions in scenarios where previously the end user had limited choices, choices that did not really provide the accurate flow measurement data they needed. Although many types of flow meters were proposed, they were not able to adequately provide meaningful flow data due to constraints that are faced on-site. Contact us for more information on how we can provide assistance in flow measurement similar to the above. 

Quick Clamp Liquid Flow Meters in the Philippines

Our company is happy to support engineering consultants and contractors in various industries in the Philippines. Our group is familiar with the upstream and downstream oil and gas business as well as chemical manufacturing, food production, electronics production, HVAC, water and wastewater. If you cannot find the product of flow meter type you are looking for here, give us a call and we will be happy to see if we have solution.

As mentioned previously, we also supply domestic water meters. These are household water meters for residential applications, buildings, factories and government enterprises. For fast deliveries on larger pipe water meters we can supply ARAD Water Meters in small and large sizes. 

A water meter is one of the simplest measurement devices which is also called a water flow counter and sometimes small versions are referred to as submeters. The main purpose of the water meter is not always to measure a flow rate but a total flow. This means that the water counter is the most important aspect of the meter since the number will show the total water consumption over a period of time. 

More information on the differences between a flow meter and water meter can be found on our flow website.

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