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When a Flow Monitor is not required in Singapore but a simple visual indication is sufficient; these brilliant Sight Indicators are more than suitable. With their sturdy robust design, resistance to high temperatures and glass dome making visual verification very easy. Suitable for a great variety of liquids and gases.

Where are flow indicators used? Some systems do not work well when there is now flow. Instead of having to invest in a full blown flow meter, the operator of the equipment can do a quick spot check visually. When there is no flow, the spinner simply does not move while in a flowing condition you will see it spinning and it is obvious that flow is passing through the pipe.

In some ways the product is similar to a sight glass but it is easier to see that you have an actual flow because it does not matter if the liquid is transparent since the spinning mechanical section is more obvious in detecting a movement of some sort.


The difference between Ball and Spinner Type Flow Indicators?


Used when the flow media is air or gas and you dot not require a gas flow meter

How the ball type flow indicators work? These are simple designs but effective. The ball is displaced when flow occurs by the pressure exerted from the flow below the ball. This pressure pushes the ball upwards when you have a positive flow.  These are excellent solutions for test benches and engineering projects where it is of utmost importance  that the operators are aware of a flow or non-flow state in the air or gas.


¼” – 1 ½” BSP or NPT

Material of construction:

– Stainless Steel 316: ASTM-A-351-2000 GR CF8M
– Bronze BS EN1982 CuSn5Zn5PB5-C-GS (formerly LG2)

Ball & Spinner

 Ball and Spinner Type flow indicators can be supplied through our facility in Singapore.

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