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Input your Absolute Viscosity in units of your choice, enter in the density and calculate Kinematic Viscosity in several common units! 

Absolute to Kinematic Viscosity Converter
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Viscosity is measured with various types of rheometers

Close temperature control of the fluid is essential to accurate measurements, particularly in materials like lubricants, whose viscosity can double with a change of only 5 degrees celcius. For some fluids it is a constant over a wide range of shear rates -Newtonian fluids.

Fluids that do no exhibit a constant viscosity are name non-Newtonian fluids. Their viscosity cannot be described by a single number. Non-Newtonian fluids exhibit a variety of different correlations between shear stress and shear rate. One of the most common instruments for measuring kinematic viscosity is the glass capillary viscometer

In paint industries, viscosity is commonly measured with a Zahn cup, in which the efflux time is determined and given to customers. The efflux time can also be converted to kinematic viscosities (centistokes, cSt) through the conversion equations. Vibrating viscometers can also be used to measure viscosity. These models such as the Dynatrol use vibration rather than rotation to measure viscosity. Extensional viscosity can be measured with various rheometers that apply extensional stress. Volume viscosity can be measured with an acoustic rheometer.

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