ES-FLOW Low-Flow Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters / Controllers

ES-FLOW are Volumetric Liquid Flow Meters/Controllers for very low flow ranges. The instruments operate on an innovative measuring principle, using ultrasound in a very small, straight tube. A wide range of liquids can be measured independent of fluid density, temperature and viscosity.

Lowest range 4 ... 200 ml/min
Highest flow approx. 1500 ml/min, depending on e.g. the available pressure drop.

Due to the combination of a straight sensor tube with zero dead volume, self-drainability, orbital TIG-welding and hygienic connections, this flow meter can be used for hygienic applications. Wetted parts are made of stainless steel, except for the rubber gaskets at the Triclamp or flange connections. The exterior design is according to IP67. For non-hygienic applications, the instruments can also be equipped with compression type fittings.

The user interface is a capacitive touchscreen with a TFT display to operate and readout the instrument.

Flow control
The on-board PID controller of the flow meter can be used to drive a control valve or pump, enabling users to establish a complete, compact control loop.


  • Innovative sensor with fast response time and high accuracy
  • Low pressure loss due to the straight stainless steel tube
  • Dosing with integrated PID controller
  • Direct volume flow measurement, independent of fluid properties
  • Hygienic design with capacitive touchscreen
  • IP67 rating and CIP cleanable
ES-FLOW Low-Flow Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters / Controllers