Sultan - Flow and Open Channel Measurement

  • Optimized frequency selections to suit the application environment
  • Capable of monitoring liquid flow under the most difficult conditions
  • Real time diagnostic display
  • Flexible, multi point or calculated scaling of display and outputs
  • Suits a broad range of flumes, weirs and flow control structures
  • Programmable totalizer
  • Programmable pulse per flow output
  • Programmable failsafe mode
  • Fast acting temperature compensation
  • 3G remote setup options and configuration
  • 4-20mA, HART, Modbus, Goshawk with 32 point flow table (via PC)

Principle of Operation

The Sultan Flow measurement system operates by transmitting an ultrasonic signal from its transducer towards the liquid being monitored. The reflected signal or echo is received by the transducer and processed. The time between transmission of the ultrasonic signal and reception of the echo is measured, and using the speed of sound through air, the distance from the transducer to the liquid level is calculated. Flow through the channel or structure is then calculated from the level measurement and the user entered properties of the channel.

The Sultan Flow system uses sophisticated software to locate and track the correct echo without being affected by echos from fixed objects or changes in the liquid surface. When the liquid level or surface conditions change, the system follows preselected signal tracking parameters. In the event of a total loss of signal, the system adopts signal recovery routines to relocate the correct liquid level.

The system employs automatic gain control to compensate for changes in echo amplitude due to variations in environmental conditions. Continuous current, voltage and relay outputs are provided. These outputs can be programmed for failsafe conditions in the event of a loss of signal or system malfunction.



  • CE, ATEX, CSA (Remote Transducer)
  • Conforms to Brittish standards for flow calculations


Primary Areas of Application

  • Open Channel Flow
  • Water treatment
  • Sewage treatment
  • Irrigation
  • Industrial waste water
  • Power waste water
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Special flow requirements for unusual flow channels
Sultan - Flow and Open Channel Measurement