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Aerosol Diluters, Aerosol Generators & Dispersers, Aerosol and Dust Monitors, Aerosol Neutralizers, Continuous Monitoring Systems, Elemental Analyzers, Filter Testers, Flowmeters, Fluid Mechanics Systems, Fume Hood Monitors & Controls, Indoor Air Quality Meters/Instruments, Integrating Nephelometer, Macromolecule Analyzers, Particle Counters, Particle Sizers, Primary Calibrators, Raman Spectrometers, Respirator Fit Testers, Room Pressure Monitors & Controls, Thermal Anemometry Systems, Ventilation Test Instruments, Ventilator Test Systems, Promotions, Brands, Airflow Instruments, Alnor, ChemLogix


TSI Incorporated doesn't just observe and react to measurement trends. We set them. For more than half a century, we have investigated, identified and provided performance measurement solutions by taking on the difficult problems and providing the tools for further research. We have partnered with research institutions worldwide to develop the most efficient performance measurement tools.

At TSI, our team of more than 500 employees maintains a relentless focus on quality. Our solutions are research-driven and field-tested. Particle and aerosol research requires instruments with accurate, consistent and reliable results. We equip you with tools you can trust every time.

Our global customer base trusts TSI to produce the most accurate precision measurement instruments in the industry. For this reason, we emphasize accuracy at every level from particle size to speed, shape to composition. Our customers can be confident in the accuracy of their results.