M-10000 Paddlewheel Flow Meters


Tangential turbine flow meters continue to be the most common way to measure flow electronically in a wide range of industries. Enhancements to tangential turbine flow meter systems are producing a flow-sensing device that is smaller, easier to install, and more accurate than ever before. Malema manufactures a line of Tangential Turbine (also called Paddle Wheel) Flow meters that utilize sophisticated circuitry to foster signal conditioning.


  • IP68 (Nema 6) 316L stainless steel construction
  • Suits pipes 40 to 2500mm NB (11.2" to 100" nominal bore)
  • Low installed cost
  • Dual independent pulse outputs each with high noise immunity (CE compliant)
  • High pressure submersible design
  • Both open collector and a non powered voltage pulse output as standard
  • DP525 series suitable for Hot Tap installations
 M-10000 Paddlewheel Flow Meters