Low Cost Flowmeter

Low Cost-All Plastic Low Flow Paddle Wheel Sensor

Oct 18, 2013 7960
The DPL Flow Sensor is a versatile transducer capable of accurately measuring flow rates to 400 GPH. It is ideal for applications requiring low cost, yet accurate, flow measurement of transparent liquid media. All wetted parts are made of synthetic materials

PVDF-X Turbine flow meter

Oct 18, 2013 2267
The PVDF-X Turbine flow sensor has low flow sensing capabilities in a wide range of applications suitable for neutral, corrosive, aqueous and opaque liquids including fuel. An ultra-light-weight turbine rotor follows the fluctuation of the flow very accurately and generates a high resolution IR-reflected digital output signal.

VKP-Plastic Rotameter Flowmeter and Switch

Oct 18, 2013 2170
Plastic VKP flowmeters and switches are used wherever inexpensive flow measurement of liquids (eg. domestic services, cooling water, lubrication systems, solar heating, etc.) is to be performed. The VKP series offers a compact design with wetted parts of Polysulfone,

PFA Turbine flow meter

Oct 18, 2013 2489
The PFA/Teflon® Turbine Flow meter with infra red reflection measurement, has low flow sensing capabilities in a wide range of applications, and is suitable for clear-, opaque, neutral, corrosive and aggressive liquids including fuel.