Rosemount Compact Orifice Flowmeters


It’s no coincidence that orifice plates are still the most popular flow technology. They provide reliable and accurate flow measurement for gas, liquid and steam applications. Compact Orifice flowmeter installations are straightforward and affordable.

The Rosemount 405P Compact Orifice Flowmeter is designed for closed loop control and general purpose monitoring applications. This design lowers the total installed cost of DP Flow measurement points eliminating the need for fittings, impulse tubing, valves, adapters and manifolds by providing a single device packaged together for simplified installation. By integrating Rosemount pressure transmitters with the 405 Compact Orifice primary element, we deliver the highest performing Flowmeters which arrive assembled, calibrated, pressure tested, and ready to install.

Rosemount Compact Orifice Flowmeters Options

  • Available up to ANSI 600# pressure rating
  • Follows industry standard utilizing ASME and ISO corner tap design
  • Installation between existing raised-faced flanges
  • Self centering ring ensure optimal accuracy while improving installation
Rosemount Compact Orifice Flowmeters