The CPA 50E Flow Conditioner


The CPA 50E flow conditioner is the simplest and most technically advanced solution for your gas and liquid flow conditioning needs. Extensively evaluated by independent laboratories, the affordable CPA 50E provides the fully developed, swirl-free flow profile required for repeatable, error-free measurement with all types of flow meters. While designed for high-pressure natural gas applications, the CPA 50E is an effective choice for all fluid applications.


  • Low life cycle cost (capital cost installation cost maintenance cost)
  • An "isolating" flow conditioner
  • No spool piece or extra flanges required
  • Compact design allowing for simple installation, removal, inspection and cleaning
  • Improvement of accuracy over tube bundle designs
  • Low pressure drop
  • Proven design and track record
  • Rugged, reliable, one-piece construction
  • Consistent performance throughout all pipe sizes
  • High manufacturing quality
  • Measurement Canada approved
  • Proven performance with orifice and ultrasonic meters
  • Available for all Newtonian fluids across a very large range of Reynolds numbers
  • Increase flow capacity without a loss of accuracy
  • Design permits easy retrofits of existing orifice installations
  • Functionally eliminates swirl
 The CPA 50E Flow Conditioner
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