FlowTrak™ Dual-Plate Flow Conditioning Element

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FlowTrak™ Dual-Plate Flow Conditioning Element


FlowTrak™ Dual-Plate Flow Conditioning Element

FlowTrak™ Dual-Plate Flow Conditioning Element Overview

FlowTrak is an economical solution to problems associated with monitoring flow installations where long, straight runs of piping are not available. Extensive scientific testing since the 1990s has demonstrated that this device virtually eliminates the effect of piping conditions with fewer upstream diameters than any other flow conditioning technique.  And its simplicity means it is a fraction of the cost of more complex solutions on the market.

Optimize Flow Profile For Best Accuracy

  • Creates uniform flow profile at economical price
  • Maximizes flow measurement accuracy in constrained piping environments
  • Reduce upstream and downstream diameters
  • Proven Dual-Plate technology