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Flow Conditioners, Flow Nozzles, CPA Fluid Dynamics


Canada Pipeline Accessories is dedicated to the improvement of flow measurement accuracy through the provision of leading-edge equipment and engineering services. This includes the custom design and manufacture of flow conditioners, flow nozzles and custom items not otherwise available. We also offer private consultation on meter station designs and metering problems with the use of our extensive fluid dynamic experience and computational fluid dynamics resources. Our experience, knowledge and commitment assure our customers of expert solutions to all of their flow measurement and meter station requirements. WARNING: Recommended meter run lengths cannot replace flow measurement guidelines or standards. There are other requirements for a compliant meter run and the standard must be carefully considered. It is essential that your customers approve of your chosen meter run dimensions prior to construction. Canada Pipeline Accessories Co. LTD will not be held responsible for disapproval of meter run dimensions as recommended lengths are minimum meter run distances.